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Packaging Unity Games for the Mac App Store

The Mac App Store is slated to launch on January 6th, with Apple already accepting submissions for applications.  The signing process for Xcode projects is fairly similar to their iPhone workflow.  But how do sign an external application, one you … Continue reading

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Removing White Halos in Transparent Textures

Unity allows native importing of PSD textures, which is awesome for workflow and iteration speeds. However, transparent textures frequently exhibit white “halos” around objects. This issue stems from Photoshop itself–fully transparent pixels are usually white in color, which means texture … Continue reading

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JPEG Encoding in Native Unity JavaScript

A few months ago someone posted to the Unity forums about how to encode a JPEG file without writing to disk.  It piqued my curiosity, so I poked at it.  It turned out that the required .NET libraries aren’t available … Continue reading

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Unity Asset Server Browser

Unity’s Asset Server is a key piece of technology in our workflow.  It provides per-asset source control inside of Unity, which is absolutely required for larger projects with multiple team members.  Unity 2.5 introduced in-Unity browsing of the asset server–update … Continue reading

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Getting Tricky with Triggers

Unity triggers are insanely useful.  If you aren’t using physics triggers–even if your game is seemingly non-physical–you’re missing out on some of the most powerful functionality in Unity.  Let’s take a look: What’s a Trigger? A trigger is a Collider … Continue reading

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UnityDevelop, An Editor for Unity JavaScript

Choosing a language for Unity development is a tricky thing.  There are a lot of great reasons to use C# (like its tool ecosystem), but other, just-as-great reasons to use JavaScript (like its less verbose and more accessible nature).  The … Continue reading

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Unity Basics: An Introduction

Unity 2.5’s release is finally on the horizon, which means Windows editor!  In addition to some great new workflow and editor features, 2.5 will also usher in a wave of Windows users.  There is a lot to learn about Unity, … Continue reading

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A Useful Messaging System

The ability to send game events as messages is a very useful thing indeed. In our projects, we produce different game systems at different times. Sound might be last, or we might add in a scoring system long after the … Continue reading

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Multi-Touch Handling on Unity iPhone

There are a lot of questions on the Unity forums about how to handle multi-touch on iPhone. We’ve done a few experiments with multi-touch–although nothing in a game yet–but here’s one solution. This had a few goals: Avoid iPhoneTouchPhase, which … Continue reading

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Let’s Get This Party Started!

Welcome, everybody, to the Blurst technology blog!  This will be our oulet for sharing code, tutorials, and lessons learned from the Flashbang game mines.  We’re doing this to give back to the tremendous Unity community and to help out our … Continue reading

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